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About Us

We are a married couple (with a few select part-timers) that has over 40 years collectively in web design, marketing, public relations and customer service. To top that off, we've both been members of numerous clubs and organizations, and understand the group dynamics of how they work. Having worked with large and small businesses, as well as clubs and organizations, on their marketing and web needs, a few concerns became clearly apparent:

  • First, most clubs are concerned about a drop in membership.  They are looking for a makeover of their current site, or a completely new site, to help attract new members to their club, as well as ignite excitement with members who are inactive.
  • Second, they are interested in strategies to efficiently control their membership data base, while keeping their members' information secure and in one place for access by the member management team (board members and officers).
  • Third, they are looking for customized "signature" websites that brand their group in a unique, creative way that are easy for non-web administrators to manage, change and amend.
  • Fourth, they are looking for a system to make all of the above a reality, that is economically priced.

With these thoughts in mind, we developed CONNECT 2 CLUBS!


What Makes Us Different -- Creating Communities

We are often asked what makes us different in comparison to other club/networking web developers that are available today.

CONNECT 2 CLUBS developed a unique approach by applying the best of online networking while offering additional tools focused on only what your club needs, or what you tell us your club needs. 

We provide ongoing and personal tech support and customer service--yes, we do answer our phones!

We pride ourselves on helping our clients' clubs "Create Community" and we celebrate the triumphs of our client clubs, knowing that we are only successful when they are. 




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