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By host on 11/23/2010 8:57 AM
Believe it or not, we do a few things other than create websites.  One of my passions is writing.  Here’s a story I wrote a few years back for the Thanksgiving season.  Enjoy!

"Eggs”clusively Yours….Poultry Portrait of Lyndon©

I was five years old when I first saw him.  My kindergarten class had just taken a field trip to the Western Hatcheries in Dallas, Texas, and the guide handed him to my teacher, Mrs. Stewart.   We all glared at the ivory-colored oval in awe.  

“Now boys and girls, inside this shell is a baby chicken.  We have to keep it warm just like its mother would for the next few weeks.  If we all do our part, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see it hatch!” she announced to the class.  She held the egg up to the light and let each one of us have a look at the tiny developing creature on the inside. 

Everyone “oohed” and “ahhed” as Mrs. Stewart carefully placed him in a small padded box.  Now, we were all “city” kids and none of us had ever been around fowl.  In fact, the closest we had ever gotten to poultry of any kind was when Tommy Newman had chicken pox two months earlier.  But even at five years old we knew all of the chicken jokes.  Now they didn’t seem funny.  We were suddenly pre-schoolers with a purpose.  Our mission was clear.  We had to bring a living birdie into the world.  We took this overwhelming responsibility very, very seriously.

The hatchery gave us an incubator where the precious ellipse sat for the next two weeks.   We took shifts, and sacrificed our recess time, so that one of us was always on watch.  We didn’t want to miss the blessed event.  Mrs. Stewart told us that this kind of attention was not really necessary, but we insisted. 

By host on 11/16/2010 1:01 PM

Whether you’re a part of a club, have a small business, or have ever considered setting up your own personal website, you’ve probably run across a few online do-it-yourself website programs.

We understand that the process of creating a website can be expensive and often out of reach, as far as cost for a small club or business. 

Because of this, many companies provide cheap, do-it-yourself solutions. "Do-it-yourself" packages claim that all you have to do is "pick a template", "customize it", "add content", and "get found".  Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. The complexity varies from program to program, but they all lack the needed direction and experience that only a qualified developer can provide.

Here are a few things to consider before you decide to “do-it-yourself.”

By host on 11/9/2010 7:43 AM
Chain emailing has grown quite popular in the last decade. While they may seem fun and cutesy, it is important that users understand the dangers which they pose.

Just about everyone who uses the internet and has an email address has been exposed to chain emails.  You know what I’m talking about–messages that contain multiple recipients and countless lines of forwarding. Some people enjoy these emails, though others regard them as mere annoyances. The truth be said, chain emails can actually be a significant source of danger, placing your computer system in jeopardy to hazardous spam and assorted infections.
By host on 11/4/2010 6:00 PM

We have been fortunate to see a lot of clubs grow and prosper as a result of a new website.  Those that have seen the most growth treat their new websites as an honored member of the club.  After all, your website represents your club to the world 24/7 and will continue to aggressively work for you if you follow these steps.

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